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Fundamental change always begs for an irreverent idea that has not been tried
or experienced. Pursuing the course of that idea is even more perilous for those
who, through total discredit and rejection, carry its burning flame to fruition
irrespective of the ultimate cost they have to pay for their live.

‘KANY RISING' is an international drama of epic proportion which speaks of that
perilous road to extraordinary achievement, an odyssey at time painful, tortuous,
and always not obvious yet poised to stun and shake the world with the discovery
of an exotic mineral named Kany assumed to be traced back at the beginning of

The arduous road traveled to get to this milestone would not have been possible
without the unbending and iconoclast resolve of the Old Man from Kentucky,
Dr. O’Shea, dragging along throughout this painful quest his reluctant protégé,
Dr. Wasiri.

The drama is carried from the quiet academic centers of Kentucky through
Western business and financial centers of New York, London and Vaduz, all the
way to the city of Mandi, the capital of Mezi in Africa, while the trigger point
of many events in the story is located somewhere around the faraway and remote
Lake Baikal, in a city called Amovir in Eastern Siberia, Russia. It pits disparate,
opposite and determined purposes of an unyielding American scientist, an
African nationalist, and a Russian oligarch on the run. These protagonists will
insure that despite endless false starts, perennial excuses and aborted take-off
of basic development, a backward remote corner of Africa is about to fulfill
the much denied dream of major economic prosperity.

The book opens with the incident at the University of Kentucky where the study
of the exotic mineral is hotly debated. At the same time Kany practical
applications are showing incredible potential in addition to the proposition of
finding it in that remote corner of the world named Mezi. The book went on to
establish the road taken by the reluctant Dr. Wasiri to get from the peaceful
academic life at Kentucky State University to the tumultuous and precarious
political leadership of the Republic of Mezi. In between we will learn about
his mentor, Dr. O’Shea, who has suffered a life-time humiliation in academic
circles while pursuing relentlessly his studies of exotic minerals.
He has recruited for this tortuous task a very bright Mezi born graduate student,
the future Dr. Wasiri. We will also learn about the difficult and conflicting
collaboration that Dr. O’Shea has built to advance his exotic mineral researches
using business interests in far-away places in England and Russia. These obscure
business interests are effectively controlled by a Russian oligarch, Mr. Nadov Narayan
seconded by the charming British Lady Allistair. The interactions between those
protagonists should tell whether the extraordinary exotic mineral would help or
doom the nation of Mezi.

‘KANY RISING’ shows that no condition, no matter how treacherous and lasting,
is permanent and it should take an irreverent and banished idea of KANY
discovery to bring about the crucial fundamental change denied for a long time
to a remote impoverished corner of the world.

Copyright©2009 by Zephirin Ebonzo
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Copyright©2009 by Zephirin Ebonzo
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